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are you looking for an affordable 3d scanning tool?

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"What we have achieved: Phiz"

THE 3D SCANNER FOR EVERYONE: Phiz can 3D scan real-world objects and generate 3D models. Phiz isn’t just a tool for the professionals, it is designed for everyone. It is affordable and intuitive to use.

accurate, fast, Affordable

Scan resolution: 0.2 mm
Scan duration: 4 - 16 min
Max. vertices: 1 million
File formats: PLY, STL, OBJ

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Patented design

Phiz 3D Scanner is the one of its kind. We took advantage of a modern smartphone and built a desktop laser 3D scanner for it. Since the product does not include cameras or computing chips, the price is much lower than the competitors.

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Revolutionary User Experience

Using a 3D scanner has never been so intuitive. We developed the professional algorithm and put it in a smartphone app. Whether you are a 3D scanning newbie or a professional, the Phiz app will always be exciting for you. Available on both iOS and Android.

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More Powerful, Everyday

the Phiz's core technology is in its software. It means your Phiz 3D Scanner will get more powerful just by updating the Phiz App. the Phiz App is available on iOS & Android.