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Eight tips to improve 3D scanning results

In this video, Jack shares with you eight tips to improve your 3D scanning results.


  • Objects. Transparent or reflective objects does not scan well. Phiz 3D scanner does the best job for cylindrical objects.
  • The phone position. Insert 2/3 of your phone in the beacon.
  • Turntable position. Make sure to place the turntable properly and you can see the Magic Mark.
  • Distance of turntable. Make sure that you can see the whole figure in your phone.
  • EV value. Adjust the value according to darkness of the object and light condition. Make sure that the laser is more observable in the camera.
  • Clear the background. Make sure that there are no moving objects in the background.
  • Scan condition. Do not scan under the sunshine or strong light.
  • Stability. Make sure that the Phiz 3D scanner is placed in a stable environment to avoid shaky scanning.

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