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New Updates with Samsung Galaxy S10+

We were keeping receive the consumers’ reported issues about technical problems with Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (European version): during the laser scanning process, the progress bar gets stuck at 2%, as well as the camera and scanner get stuck. We paid close attention to this problem and tried to sort it out.

Finally, we get the problem solved. All consumers include those with Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (European version) can use the app favorably now.

Our team member brought back a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (European version), the particular reason for this technical issue was found by our technique team debugging the mobile time after time. The problem is SM-G975F uses Exynos chips, but other Samsung phones use Snapdragon chips. The difference between chips caused a distinction in the app.

After investigated the reason, our engineer used the SM-G975F model to tune the 3DScanLink app, to be compatible with Samsung Galaxy S10+ (European version). In the end, the technical issue was solved and all the users can enjoy 3D scanning with Phiz now !!!

This update will be shown in our newest version, which will be available shortly.