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About Phiz (Full Spec)

Phiz is the world's first 3D scanner that is powered by your smartphone. Phiz uses a 3D scanning algorithm called "Laser Triangulation", this algorithm can be found in all kinds of professional 3D scanning equipment, meaning it is accurate and robust. But unlike its industrial brothers, Phiz does not have its own camera system nor 3D chips, it works in conjunction with your smartphone instead. So Phiz is also very affordable.

Phiz's algorithm is based on Laser Triangulation algorithm

(Image source: MoviMED,

From the above picture, you see the conventional setup of a Laser Triangulation equipment. It is easy and well-known... as far as you know the exact distances between the Camera and the Laser and the Target. That's why you will find most existing desktop 3D scanners have a frame to contain their camera system, illumination source, and turntable (it's also why they are usually expensive).

But different smartphones would have entirely different camera parameters and sizes, the conventional Laser Triangulation algorithm does not apply in Phiz. That's where our patented technology really shine through. At KIRI Innovation, we developed a unique algorithm that no longer needs the fixed distances between the camera and the laser and the turntable. That's why only Phiz can use your smartphone to be its own camera system, and Phiz has a fully adjustable scan range because the turntable is detached from the camera and laser frame.

Phiz 3D Scanner Specifications

You can use the following sheets to find information you may be interested at:

Phiz 3D Scanner spec sheet

Phiz 3D Scanner spec sheet

To check if your smartphone is compatible with Phiz, refer to the following chart:

Phiz 3D Scanner compatibility