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About Phiz 3D Scanner

A typical 3D scanner would usually require four things to work together: a light source, a camera, a turntable, as well as a powerful CPU to compute the 3D model. With today's smartphone, it already has two things we need for an accurate 3D scanner, the camera and a powerful CPU.

So we decided to take advantage of our smartphone and create a laser 3D scanner that's never been more affordable.


3D Printing

Phiz 3D scanner is compatible with all 3D printers in the market. The 3D scans can be exported as .STL and .OBJ formats, they can be easily used in 3D printing slicers and 3D printers.


Engineering and Education

Phiz creates accurate 3D models. You can reverse-engineer an existing design, or improve the current design. The intuitive user interface in the Phiz app is meant not only for the professionals but also students. With Phiz 3D Scanner, they are able to explore the full digitization process and build up engineering thinking skills.


3D Creation

Make your own "Toy Story" with Phiz 3D Scanner. 3D model assets are the fundamentals for 3D animation and 3D game development. Phiz can help create detailed 3D assets out of your physical collections.


Augmented Reality

Phiz is AR compatible. After creating 3D models, you could bring the digitization to the next level and import them into AR/VR applications like this.


Phiz uses a 3D scanning algorithm called "Laser Triangulation", this algorithm can be found in all kinds of professional 3D scanning equipment, meaning it is accurate and robust. But unlike its industrial brothers, Phiz does not have its own camera system nor 3D chips, it works in conjunction with your smartphone instead. So Phiz is also very affordable.

Phiz's algorithm is based on Laser Triangulation algorithm

(Image source: MoviMED,

From the above picture, you see the conventional setup of a Laser Triangulation equipment. It is easy and well-known... as far as you know the exact distances between the Camera and the Laser and the Target. That's why you will find most existing desktop 3D scanners have a frame to contain their camera system, illumination source, and turntable (it's also why they are usually expensive).

But different smartphones would have entirely different camera parameters and sizes, the conventional Laser Triangulation algorithm does not apply in Phiz. That's where our patented technology really shine through. At KIRI Innovation, we developed a unique algorithm that no longer needs the fixed distances between the camera and the laser and the turntable. That's why only Phiz can use your smartphone to be its own camera system, and Phiz has a fully adjustable scan range because the turntable is detached from the camera and laser frame.

Besides the patented technologies, our secret weapon is the machine learning algorithm running behind the curtain that constantly optimizes your 3D scan. Mathematically, it is a cross-validation algorithm called "data-driven regression". But thankfully, you don't need to understand any of those because Phiz is quietly doing everything for you. All you need to do is pressing the "scan" button.


Phiz 3D Scanner is inseparable from the Phiz app: 3DScanLink. 3DScanLink is available on App Store and Google Play store. When designed the 3DScanLink, we put user experience as the priority and wished to provide a intuitive 3D scanning process even to beginners.






Scan Duration

Low Resolution: est. 4min – 10min

Medium Resolution: est. 8min – 15min

High Resolution: est. 16min – 30min

*scan duration will vary on different devices

Scan Resolution 

Accuracy: up to 0.2mm

Max. scan volume: 400mm x 400mm x 400mm

Min. scan volume: 50mm x 50mm x 50mm

Max. turntable load: 2kg

Battery Life

 Phiz Beacon: 8 hours / charge

Phiz Turntable: 6 hours / charge

Effective Wireless Range

  1.3 ft. (40 cm)

Compatible Devices

 iOS: iPhone 6s and later models (excluding the SE series), with iOS 12 and newer.

Android: Most Android phones after 2017, with Android 7.0 and newer.

*see ”Phone Requirement” for spec.

Point Cloud Resolution

 Up to 1 million vertices

Export Format


App Language

 English, Simplified Chinese


 Phiz Turntable:150x150.5x69.55mm

Phiz Beacon:85.5x85.5x165mm


 1.65kg (excluding the package)


 Built-in Antenna


 18650 Lithium Battery

Voltage: 3.6V

Phiz Turntable:2500mAh

Phiz Beacon:2500mAh

Low Battery Warning On

 Battery Voltage < 3.5V


 Power: 5mW

Wavelength: 520nm



Life Cycle

 2500 hours

RF operating frequency


Modulation method


Rated RF power


Operating temperature

 -10°C -- +45°C

Operating voltage

 Max 4.2V,STD 3.7V,Min 3.3V

Charge Current

 Max 1750mA,STD 500mA





Phone Requirement

iPhone 6s and newer
(excluding the SE series)
2017 Android models and newer
iOS 12.0 and newer
Android 7.0 and newer
Support two or more concurrent BLE connections
Has rear-facing camera
OpenGL 3.0 +
>2GB of RAM