KIRI Innovation


KIRI Innovations Science and Technology Inc. is a young Canadian based tech company with teams in Toronto, Canada and Shenzhen, China. We focus on developing affordable and efficient 3D scanning technologies.

KIRI Innovation and our first product Phiz 3D Scanner was first introduced as a Kickstarter project, it was brought to life by 908 innovation early adopters. They took huge risks and waited patiently for the product to deliver, we will be forever grateful for all the supports they have provided.

We started with two passionate individuals and have grown to be the place of choice for the PhDs and smart heads across top colleges in the world. KIRI Innovation now has locations in both Toronto. Canada and Shenzhen, China.

Our purpose is to make 3D scanning technologies accessible to more people. 3D Printing and Augmented Reality markets are growing rapidly, they require efficient 3D modeling tool to work together. We don't think the existing expensive industrial-grade 3D scanners is the right tool for everyone. That's the reason we found KIRI Innovation, to prepare the next-gen 3D capturing technology for everyone, for all applications. For that, we will keep working hard and deliver greater products to our customers.


April 2018

We developed countless prototype

May 2018

Kiri Innovation was founded in a house

October 2018

The Phiz concept was introduced at IBM showcase event

November 2018

Since the premiere, we received tremendous amount of feedback. So we kept iterating the prototype and showed it to more people

January 2019

It was a big day, Kiri got its first angel investment

April 2019

After countless prototype iterations, Phiz was getting close to its final form

June 2019

Phiz 3D Scanner was getting noticed. We started to win awards after awards

August 2019

Kiri Innovation moved out from the house to a cozy little office/lab

October 2019

Phiz 3D Scanner was live on Kickstarter

November 2019

The core team moved to China for manufacturing

January 2020

Phiz 3D Scanner was presented at CES 2020 and drew a huge amount of attention

February 2020

The manufacturing plan was caught up by the COVID-19

April 2020

Despite the pandemic, we decided to continue. Sad news was half of our suppliers got shut down and we had to re-structure the supply chain

July 2020

Everything was sorted out once again. Manufacturing process started to roll out.

October 2020

Mass production started, Phiz 3D Scanner was ready to ship

Our epic journey continues