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Our purpose is to make 3D scanning technologies accessible to more people. 3D Printing and Augmented Reality markets are growing rapidly, they require efficient 3D modeling tool to work together. We don't think the existing expensive industrial-grade 3D scanners is the right tool for everyone. That's the reason we found KIRI Innovation, to prepare the next-gen 3D capturing technology for everyone, for all applications. If your vision aligns with ours, consider becoming our investor! We are ready to chat.

Jack Wang, CEO & Co-Founder:


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We are constantly scouting for talents in our Canada (Toronto) and China (Shenzhen) locations. Your background does not matter to us, if you think your talent could make KIRI Innovation a better company, give it a shot! Even our interview process is more like a coffee chat. We know it's not usual for a regular company, but hey, you are not a regular person either!

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You can also visit us in person at Room 415, Fuhai Information Harbor A7, Baoan District, Shenzhen.