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Phiz 3D Scanner

KIRI Innovation

$319.00 $379.00

*Important: Phiz 3D Scanner is undergoing Beta Testing and will be available to ship later this year. Pre-order this product to get the last-minute discount before it's gone. Besides, you are showing us a tremendous amount of support and will help make Phiz a better product.

When people think about a 3D scanner, it is usually very expensive and hard to access. Cheap 3D scanning apps will most likely leave you with disappointments. That's why we created the Phiz 3D Scanner.

Phiz uses a 3D scanning algorithm called "Laser Triangulation", this algorithm can be found in all kinds of professional 3D scanning equipment, meaning it is accurate and robust. But unlike its industrial brothers, Phiz does not have its own camera system nor 3D chips, it works in conjunction with your smartphone instead. So Phiz is also very affordable.

Although Phiz 3D Scanner is awesome, please make sure your smartphone is compatible when purchasing. Use the following chart to determine whether your smartphone meets our requirement:

Phone compatibility chart for Phiz 3D Scanner